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The podcast industry is booming!

In the past two years podcast listeners have grown 100%, and its predicted that this is only going to double over the next few years.


Remember when people jumped on Instagram years ago, it was so much easier to blow up and get ahead of the curve. Well that’s where podcasting is now.


It is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve.


If you run a business & have a passion, it’s a no brainer to start a Podcast this year.

But let’s take a guess… You probably know how beneficial podcasting can be for your business or brand,

Although you’ve been procrastinating launching a Podcast due to the lack of time or knowledge on how to…

We hear you!

Our completely done for you podcast launch is for ambitious souls who are ready to share their knowledge, expertise or entertainment with the world.

If you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, coach, consultant or creative then get excited to work with the best audio and visually creative Podcast management team. 

We dissolve the pressure, stress and hurdles that come with creating, launching and growing your podcast.


We save you time in your life so you can focus on the important things in your life.


We save you the energy for you to use in your own line of genius.


And we don’t just create the show for you then leave you hanging, our package includes your whole first two months done for you, so that you launch with ease and success. 

Results our clients have seen:

+ 10x leads in their business


+ Sales processes cut in half, with clients lining up at their door


+ An understanding of their personal brand and how to leverage their expertise in their podcast


+ Complete clarity and understanding of their concept and target audience


+ Peace of mind, knowing that they have found a company they can trust, that will consistently make high quality podcasts


+ Hours of time saved, not having to think or learn anything new

if you've got

A business or concept that you want to grow and make more money, don’t have the time or desire to manage a podcast yourself and are ready to help more people by sharing your fire knowledge to the world…

then get ready to receive

🔥 Branding that stands out amongst the crowd

🔥 Peace of mind, knowing all of the tech is in our hands

🔥 Magnetic scripting where your audience will hang on wanting more and more

🔥 Strategic direction, to help you come up with episodes that have your listeners binge listening to you

🔥 A new and exciting journey and a pumping business



+ Deep dive into your client avatar & brand

+ First 90 days launch plan

+ 1:1 strategy call for a successful launch 

+ 1:1 studio set up call including sound checks with our sound engineer

+ A list of all recommended tech for your setup

+ 5 days a week messenger support from tech, marketing & coaching team


Audio & Visual Assets

+ Intro & outro beat sourced & created uniquely for you

+ Brand Identity (Logo, Colour board & Typography)

+ Cover Artwork

Done For You 

+ Episode planning management board

+ Done for you templates to brainstorm & create ideas

+ All technical distribution and hosting set up, getting your podcast approved by Apple, Spotify and multiple other channels

+ Bios & copy write for all podcast channels

+ 11 episodes fully edited, mastered and distributed

+ 18 audiograms or video snippets created for IG Reels, YouTube Shorts and/or TikTok


Marketing & Social Media Management

+ Email sequence created for your launch

+ Weekly posting of all collateral 

+ Hashtag/Keyword Strategies

+ 2 x per week posting of Posts/Reels

Turn your show into a video podcast

+ Animated video intro for Youtube

+ Animated podcast logo for Reels & YouTube

+ 11 videos edited, adding in animations & music for YouTube or Spotify

We're not your average podcast agency.

Benefit from a team that understands you, your business and can help make your podcast a successful venture.

Learn more about our team here.

If you’re ready to excel your business even further. Book a call.


I have a specific date in mind for my launch, can you fulfil this?

Successful podcast launches take approx 5-6 weeks. This is taking into consideration the concept brainstorming, making sure your strategy is crystal clear and any back and fourth for the design aspect. We then need to make sure you are fully set up with your tech if you’re recording in your own studio space, then lastly that your episodes are recorded and sent to us at least 3 weeks before desired launch date to give time for editors to edit and the distribution platforms to publish your Podcast.

So yes we can fulfill the desired date BUT you need to make sure their is ample time (approx 6 weeks prior) to make time for launch.

I have a concept but not enough ideas. Do you help with this?

YES! We love brainstorming and coming up with ideas for you. Once you have a call with us about your concept, our team works together to come up with countless ideas, so that you are feeling consistently motivated.

And better yet, we don’t just help you come up with any ideas, we help you come up with a strategy that really connects with your audience in a unique way.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. We offer monthly or quarterly payment plans to suit every budget.

I don't need everything in your inclusions, does this change the price?

Yes, our done for you packages can be bespoke where we can opt out some services to swap them for another. It’s best for us to jump on a call to discuss your needs then we can work out your package!

I will probably need help with on-going management too, do you offer this?

Yes, infact if you launch with us, you get $500 off your first month with us on on-going management. Click here to view our management packages.

I would like help with guest pitching and brand collaborations, do you help with us?

Absolutely! We have it as an add on as not everyone opts for this, see more about guest pitching and brand collaborations here.

Grab Our Free Step-By-Step Guide To Launch Your Own Podcast

To save you time trying to research and get information from many different videos and sites, we have done all the work for you and have collated the 15 most important steps to starting your podcast into one sweet step-by-step guide. Teaching you how to set up, launch and also market your new show!