We're here to take you from silent to disrupting your industry

Because you deserve to be seen and heard.

Its 2023, hustle culture is over – its time to outsource and delegate if you want to stay ahead of the game whilst living a life of freedom.


Running a podcast shouldn’t be tedious.


You should feel lit up every week knowing you get to be talking about topics you’re passionate about, or interviewing guests who you have only dreamed of!

Otherwise, what’s the point?


Having to choose between working the extra hours to content plan, record and then edit and market your podcast vs spending time with your family or just chilling the eff out, shouldn’t have to be an option.


It’s time to cut that to do list in half and hand over the reins to someone who will not only manage and maintain your show but also drive audience growth and leads to your business. Sounds juicy huh?

Your podcast should be your #1 marketing tool, and if it isn't... we've got work to do.

We dissolve the pressure, stress and hurdles that come with managing and growing your podcast.

We save you time so you can focus on the important things in your life.

We save you the energy for you to use in your own lane of genius.

And we don’t just edit your show for you then leave you hanging, our on going management is full support including data tracking and regular audits on the growth of your show.


We care, full stop.

If you’re a CEO, business owner or creative that just wants to get sh*t done, our management packages are for you.

Build A Community & Create Connections

Your podcast is the best tool you can have to create deeper connections with your audience. If done correctly, you will build a know, like and trust factor which keeps your people coming back for more.

If you want to grow a community, host events and build your own empire, we are here to help you on that journey.


🎧 You are ready to level up your Podcast

🎧 You want to focus on your expertise and outsource the rest

🎧 You want to be apart of a team that actually gives a f*ck about your success

🎧 You’re ready to amplify your voice even louder and grow your business to new heights

🎧 You are ready to help more people and share your fire knowledge to the world

then get ready to receive

🔥 Podcast editing, distributing and social media management 

🔥 Addictive reels or audiograms created weekly

🔥 Peace of mind, knowing all the tech is in our hands

🔥 A supportive team that holds you accountable

🔥 Coaching, strategy and brainstorming sessions, with a team of experts in their field

🔥 A high quality podcast that gets you into the charts



Audio podcast with high level support


+ Podcast & Social Media Audit
Your entire show is fine tuned by our experts from audio, video set up, graphics, descriptions, SEO + more

Audio Management

+ Podcast Audio Editing + Adding intro, outro & ads

+ 2x video or audio snippets with image for IG, Tiktok & Youtube Shorts

+ Distribution to all podcast platforms

+ Upload snippets to Tiktok, Youtube shorts & Instagram Show notes, SEO & hashtags


+ 5 days a week messenger support from our audio, marketing & technical team

+ Direction with writing scripts for episodes and ads

+ Quarterly review on podcast to check on progress

+Podcast Management board to plan your episodes and lock in your guests


Audio, Video and Marketing

Everything in general admission, PLUS:

Video Management

+ Animated video intro for Youtube

+ Animated podcast logo for Reels & YouTube

+ Full podcast video edit, adding video intro, outro, ads

+ Distribution to all podcast platforms

+ Upload snippets to Tiktok, Youtube shorts & Instagram Show notes, SEO & hashtags

+ Transcription for blogs, websites and more

+ You tube descriptions, bio linking, timestamps, hashtags


Marketing & Social Media Management

+Email sequence written up on latest episode

+ Weekly posting of all collateral 

+ Hashtag/Keyword Strategies

+ 2 x per week posting of Posts/Reels

We're not your average podcast agency.

Benefit from a team that understands you, your business and can help make your podcast a successful venture.

Learn more about our team here.

If you’re ready to excel your business even further. Book a call.


I haven't launched a podcast yet, can you help me launch?

Yes! If you haven’t got a Podcast yet but would like help with a strategic launch and then on going management to take the stress off your plate, we offer bespoke packages to suit you and your budget.

What is the investment for management?

The reason we don’t have exact pricing on the website, is because we alter our packages to suit your needs.

Depending on if you need an audio or video podcast, then what assets you already have to run with or what we would need to re-create, is all being taken into consideration.

Its best to jump on a call with our team so we can get clear on your needs and then create a package to suit!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. We offer monthly or quarterly payment plans to suit every budget.

I don't need everything in your inclusions, does this change the price?

Yes, our done for you packages can be bespoke where we can opt out some services to swap them for another. It’s best for us to jump on a call to discuss your needs then we can work out your package!

I would like help with guest pitching and brand collaborations, do you help with us?

Absolutely! We have it as an add on as not everyone opts for this, see more about guest pitching and brand collaborations here.

Grab Our Free Step-By-Step Guide To Launch Your Own Podcast

To save you time trying to research and get information from many different videos and sites, we have done all the work for you and have collated the 15 most important steps to starting your podcast into one sweet step-by-step guide. Teaching you how to set up, launch and also market your new show!